Update on the unified server project: RoundCube in, SOGo out

From my previous post, I mentioned I would use SOGo for webmail and such. However, trying to compile it and actually set it up was too much of a pain in the ass. Probably because it’s based in Objective-C and GNUStep, and apparently the compiling process is very foreign to me so I couldn’t get it tracked down. Oh well.

Instead, I’ll use RoundCube, which is PHP based. As a proof of concept, I had already gotten a trial 5-user of AtMail installed, via nginx and php-fpm. Along with that, I’d use DAViCal and the Calendar plugin for RoundCube to manage my appointments and such.

That’s about all the new news for the project. I’ll get along to describing the LDAP integration everything has, but it’s pretty sweet. And, of course, RoundCube already has LDAP integration. And other awesome stuff. Till next time!


Super awesome all-in-one server!

I’m building a little server, that does lots of big stuff. Based on a M350 from Mini-Box.

Currently, I have the following plans for it:

  • Contacts, Calendar, Webmail – SOGo
  • VoIP, with integration with Google Voice – Asterisk
  • Jabber server, with integration with the above – ejabberd
  • Bookmarks, history, passwords, etc synchronization (for browsers) – Somehow… Recreating Chrome’s server, or Mozilla’s Sync instead?
  • Mobile synchronization – via SyncML or Microsoft ActiveSync, Not sure which would work better
  • TODO list management. Perhaps via Request Tracker?
  • Maintaining IRC presence. Via irssi & tmux 🙂

I have the server now, but need to expand the storage. Will have to figure out how to replace /usr without reinstalling Arch, hopefully.

2 weeks later…

So this isn’t a forgettable blog. At the moment, it definetly is. But I have great plans for this!

Got a server, root the box happened twice these last two weeks, and I have apparently adopted a very bad sleep schedule…sleeping through the morning does not work very well tuesdays and thrusdays, when I have class! Fuck! Not cool. I still haven’t decided my classes yet, guess I’ll focus on afternoon ones. Need to start no earlier than noon, with this sleep.

I need to fix that.