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Installing cinnarch via their repos

CinnArch Logo
So I already had a lovely Arch machine installed, however, I wanted to install
Cinnamon. Granted, I could install it via AUR, however the CinnArch team already
have a compiled version that works with the default Arch repositories, so we can
go ahead and use their repositories and avoid compiling it ourself. Of course,
their is plenty of security issues with this, so proceed at your own risk.
However, the packages are signed with GPG. 🙂

First, you need to download make 2 packages, on your own, cinnarch-keyring and
cinnarch-mirrolist. These aren’t absolutely mandatory, but match what’s
provided in the repositories.

Download the PKGBUILDs used in cinnarch-repo & cinnarch-core from their git

git clone

Then, use makepkg to build & install the cinnarch-keyring &
cinnarch-mirrorlist packages.

With those packages installed, you can then add the repository definitions to

SigLevel = PackageRequired
Include = /etc/pacman.d/cinnarch-mirrorlist
SigLevel = PackageRequired
Include = /etc/pacman.d/cinnarch-mirrorlist

Run pacman -Sy to download the new repository databases, and you’re set!

Installing Cinnamon

Installation is now a piece of cake.

pacman -S cinnamon nemo-fm

Will get you all the pieces you need.


A project a day…

Keeps the boredom away. So with this week break coming up, I’ve decided to do something once a day each day so that two things happen:

  1. I get to finally do the things I have been putting off while school was still going on
  2. By putting a time limit, I’m more likely to get something to work and not spend the next twenty years obsessing over each detail. I hope.

So what are the projects? Well. Glad you asked!

  • Set up a self-hosted DNS
  • Install horde groupware on my server
  • Create a utility multi-boot USB, for emergency situations and as a reliable source for ISO.
  • Set up a private bank and finance management system, primarially with Wesabe.
  • No offence WordPress, but I also want to move to a Jekyll set up.

Beyond those, I have a few script ideas, like pulling more information from my scale and pedometer, or running a log server on my LAN to aggregate and analyze everything. Smallish things like that. I also really want to set up DD-WRT and FreeNAS but I don’t have the hardware to do so. Ah, dreams.

A basic summary of the server

So I’ve been blabbering on about my server, but what do I really mean when I mention it?

10:08 <micahjohnston> elliottcable: so is there anything interesting about your memory besides just you forget things?
10:08 <micahjohnston> elliottcable: you said it works differently
10:08 <elliottcable> I don’t forget them; I have a perfect memory. I have a broken *indexing* system.
10:09 <evaryont> elliottcable: all of humanity has a broken index system. I hope to fix it’s contact list…

That works well. I want to fix the contact list, to start off. Then remembering dates, or tasks, or that interesting thing from somewhere. Notes should not have to rattle in the head, either.

Humanity’s indexing system sucks, so let’s build one that doesn’t.

Out of pocket change, full of fun.

I purchased a lot of games during the sale. But I waited until the last day - here are all of them!

So the latest Steam sale was a lot of fun. And, I think that some people have noticed…

Nuclear Rhino: holy fuck, what game did you not buy?!

-FAP- Mr Razzle: Um
-FAP- Mr Razzle: hmm
-FAP- Mr Razzle: What?
-FAP- Mr Razzle: I cant find what you want of me
-FAP- Mr Razzle: OH SHIT
-FAP- Mr Razzle: THAT
-FAP- Mr Razzle: O.o
-FAP- Mr Razzle: My screen isn’t big enough
-FAP- Mr Razzle: >.>

So yeah. Today, today was a good day.

Lulz in the Cyber Security Cave

A screenshot of a projector showing some scary terminals that are doing nothing at all.

The Game Desgin students are scared of some text on a black terminal. Sheesh.

It’s the network security lab. It’s a shitty name.

Anyways, in the latest photo I’ve uploaded, I’m scaring all the game design students with my “l33t hax0r skillz”. Of course, my one-man show is nothing compared to the awesome orchestra that some of us from [Buffer]Overflow did earlier.

I whipped up a script (you can see it in the upper left corner of the screen) that displays “HACKING …” and a progress bar. Nothing bad, really.

And a lot of pings and trees. ‘Cause that’s how we roll at UAT.

A previously undisclosed theme…

So with the release of Twenty Eleven, I decided it was time to ‘upgrade’ the to the theme. Obviously, if you are on the site, I opted to go with the dark theme.

The header image is not mine, but instead from Simon Carr on Flickr. Thanks for releasing the image under Creative Commons!

Now time to update my main page. At least now I don’t have to resort to ‘hacks’ to customize the header bar, which is nice.

EDIT: Now it’s updated. Go take a look!

Cheap gaming: $10 Amazon credit after Pre-ordering Pokemon Black/White

Well, I found out from CAG that Amazon is offering $10 credit to everyone who pre-orders the latest Pokemon game, either Black or White. (Perhaps you can nab a $20 credit if you pre-order both!)

I just pre-ordered Pokemon Black, how about you?

More links to financial sanity while still saving: Cheap Ass Gamer and Get Rich Slowly’s “Gaming without breaking the bank”.