Installing cinnarch via their repos

CinnArch Logo
So I already had a lovely Arch machine installed, however, I wanted to install
Cinnamon. Granted, I could install it via AUR, however the CinnArch team already
have a compiled version that works with the default Arch repositories, so we can
go ahead and use their repositories and avoid compiling it ourself. Of course,
their is plenty of security issues with this, so proceed at your own risk.
However, the packages are signed with GPG. 🙂

First, you need to download make 2 packages, on your own, cinnarch-keyring and
cinnarch-mirrolist. These aren’t absolutely mandatory, but match what’s
provided in the repositories.

Download the PKGBUILDs used in cinnarch-repo & cinnarch-core from their git

git clone

Then, use makepkg to build & install the cinnarch-keyring &
cinnarch-mirrorlist packages.

With those packages installed, you can then add the repository definitions to

SigLevel = PackageRequired
Include = /etc/pacman.d/cinnarch-mirrorlist
SigLevel = PackageRequired
Include = /etc/pacman.d/cinnarch-mirrorlist

Run pacman -Sy to download the new repository databases, and you’re set!

Installing Cinnamon

Installation is now a piece of cake.

pacman -S cinnamon nemo-fm

Will get you all the pieces you need.


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