A project a day…

Keeps the boredom away. So with this week break coming up, I’ve decided to do something once a day each day so that two things happen:

  1. I get to finally do the things I have been putting off while school was still going on
  2. By putting a time limit, I’m more likely to get something to work and not spend the next twenty years obsessing over each detail. I hope.

So what are the projects? Well. Glad you asked!

  • Set up a self-hosted DNS
  • Install horde groupware on my server
  • Create a utility multi-boot USB, for emergency situations and as a reliable source for ISO.
  • Set up a private bank and finance management system, primarially with Wesabe.
  • No offence WordPress, but I also want to move to a Jekyll set up.

Beyond those, I have a few script ideas, like pulling more information from my scale and pedometer, or running a log server on my LAN to aggregate and analyze everything. Smallish things like that. I also really want to set up DD-WRT and FreeNAS but I don’t have the hardware to do so. Ah, dreams.


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