A basic summary of the server

So I’ve been blabbering on about my server, but what do I really mean when I mention it?

10:08 <micahjohnston> elliottcable: so is there anything interesting about your memory besides just you forget things?
10:08 <micahjohnston> elliottcable: you said it works differently
10:08 <elliottcable> I don’t forget them; I have a perfect memory. I have a broken *indexing* system.
10:09 <evaryont> elliottcable: all of humanity has a broken index system. I hope to fix it’s contact list…

That works well. I want to fix the contact list, to start off. Then remembering dates, or tasks, or that interesting thing from somewhere. Notes should not have to rattle in the head, either.

Humanity’s indexing system sucks, so let’s build one that doesn’t.

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