Out of pocket change, full of fun.

I purchased a lot of games during the sale. But I waited until the last day - here are all of them!

So the latest Steam sale was a lot of fun. And, I think that some people have noticed…

Nuclear Rhino: holy fuck, what game did you not buy?!

-FAP- Mr Razzle: Um
-FAP- Mr Razzle: hmm
-FAP- Mr Razzle: What?
-FAP- Mr Razzle: I cant find what you want of me
-FAP- Mr Razzle: OH SHIT
-FAP- Mr Razzle: THAT
-FAP- Mr Razzle: O.o
-FAP- Mr Razzle: My screen isn’t big enough
-FAP- Mr Razzle: >.>

So yeah. Today, today was a good day.


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